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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The New Otium Sanctum

I am transferring some of my files from the old Otium Sanctum to this new one. Please bookmark the site since the URL is quite long or just remember this SnipURL: http://snipurl.com/otiumsanctum. The article entitled "St. Augustine on the Reading of Scriptures" has been transferred to the new site.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

2nd Edition of Bible Notes

As already announced at AgustinongPinoy even Bible Notes will have to be reduced to an HTML format. Fortunately, we don't have the same problems as Blogs-AgustinongPinoy. Bible Notes has always been a one-blog-site, unlike the old AgustinongPinoy which ran on a multi-blog software (B2Evolution). Because of this, Bible Notes wouldn't that be difficult to get used to. Even given the limitations of Thingamablog (i.e., lack of comments and trackbacks), we find no problem going on with our bible blogs. After all, no one comments or trackbacks.

Perhaps this change will be beneficial for the less-known Otium Sanctum which contains longer and more technical blogs. Bible Notes has always been the kind of Bible blogs no one really reads. But hey, who's complaining! But our work must go on, in season or out, whether there are readers or none, in the hope that some search engine would grab our content and one day present it to some student of the bible spending some time at Google. The old Bible Notes are still available here, however, with lots of articles for your perusal.

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